Sep 17, 2013

Nanny Poppins Book Shelf

I've been doing a lot of audiobooks lately and I love it! is one of my favorites and their app for the iPhone is fantastic! 

I just recently finished a book that I'd like to write a little review for. 

Cage of Stars is about a Mormon family, specifically a young Mormon girl, who faces a terrible family tragedy when a man murders the girls 2 younger sisters. The family goes through the stages of grief in different ways and faces the dilemma of forgiveness vs. revenge. I came across this book on the website (another awesome resource for readers!) and it caught my attention because of the Mormon aspect of it. The books author is not a Mormon, which for a Utah raised Mormon girl like myself was easy to detect in the writing. It was clear the Mormon community wasn't her own culture. However, I really liked and appreciated the authors use of a Mormon family and her respect for and obvious research into our beliefs. Nothing was glaringly incorrect, and anything that wasn't quite right was very minor little not picks. Overall it was pretty well written for someone who didn't grow up a Utah Mormon! 

The story itself was very good and definitely kept my attention. I got through the book in just a couple of days. I really liked the journey the main character took seeing how her parents reacted to the loss of her sisters and how she reacted, all of them so differently. And ultimately how some of them found the strength to forgive while she held the anger and desire for revenge so central to herself. The ending was a bit surprising and maybe not the best ending of a book ever but the whole story was definitely worth the read :) 

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